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Default Re: Top 10 Players Ever By Position

Originally Posted by rmt
IMO, you under-rate Parker and Duncan and overate Manu.

While Manu is very versatile and has more "skills" than Parker, no way has he contributed to the team as Parker does. Parker has pretty much carried the team offensively for the better part of 2-3 years. Manu is (it seems) forever injured or coming back from injury. Don't get me wrong, for a big-time, crunch situation, there's not many I'd take over Manu but those few moments don't over-ride the night in, night out, consistent production from Parker. Also, Parker is a 5-time All-star, and has one 2nd team and one 3rd team all-nba honors. Manu - only 2 times an All-Star and 2 times on the 3rd team all-nba. Parker has also been in the conversation for MVP - Manu never at that level.

Even Barkley says Duncan is the best power forward ever. Except for peak play, I don't see how Barkley could be considered better - certainly not in the winning, defense or longevity categories.

1 MVP/2 MVPs
0 rings/4 rings
11 All-Star/14 All-Star
5 1st team all-nba/9 1st team all-nba
5 2nd team all-nba/3 2nd team all-nba
1 3rd team/1 3rd team
0 all-defensive team/8 1st all-defensive, 5 2nd all-defensive

Better part of 2 years...Manu was the guy carrying the year before. He was also better than Parker the year before that, when Parker missed a good amount of time. That's unquestionable. Manu didn't make more all-star games because he was on the bench. He was All-NBA but not an all-star.

Someone said that Parker contributed more to those teams. Parker has contributed more these last two seasons and in 08/09. There's not another year where he was better than Ginobili, I don't think. He had the better Finals in 2007, obviously. But he didn't contribute more than Ginobili did, before these last two seasons. And the PG crowd is better than the SG crowd.

I go up and down on Duncan. Barkley would take Duncan for a career, as Duncan had the team good enough to compete every year and Duncan -to his credit obviously- raised his game in the playoffs...always. But Barkley was a better player in total. But I could very well change my mind on that later.
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