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Default Re: Top 10 Players Ever By Position

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
Oh, so all of that combined.

Well here's mine...only listing 5 each and only listing players i've seen.

1. Kidd
2. Nash
3. Payton
4. Chris Paul
5. Deron Williams

...I don't think i saw Stockton in his prime when i was old enough to make a judgement on his game, so i'm leaving him off


1. MJ
2. Kobe
3. Wade
4. Iverson
5. Ray Allen

I did see Miller enough to make a judgement on him, and I think Ray Allen was better and had more longevity


1. Lebron
2. Pippen
3. Pierce
4. Grant Hill
5. Artest


1. Duncan
2. KG
3. Malone
4. Dirk
5. Webber


1. Hakeem
2. Shaq
3. D Robinson
4. Ewing
5. Mourning
If you're just going off what you saw, I demand you put T-Mac in there
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