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Default Re: Top 10 Players Ever By Position

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
If it's not peak, prime, or based on accomplishments then what are you basing it on exactly.

We'll need to know before posting our lists and commenting on yours.

I've always been curious as to why people can't just post their own lists and let other people post theirs. When people comment on other people's lists, the vast majority of the time it's either 1) say how stupid the list is because it's different from their own, and/or their favorite player(s) is/are ranked lower than they like; or 2) praise the list because it mirrors their own.

Secondly, different people have different criteria. If someone is knowledgeable about basketball then they should already know what criteria they use to rank players if they do such a thing, and thus should be able to make their own lists without having the need to ask other people how they should go about it.
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