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Default Re: Magic and Skip say Jordan would beat Lebron 10 out of 10 one v one

Originally Posted by Mr Exlax
So if i were to hit a three in your face and said something like that's how I'm gonna bust your ass all game, then I just punked you?

What if you score on the next possession and talk shit? Did you punk me back or does that negate me punking you? Or did we not punk each other at all?

The only punking I know is if i hit you with a hard foul and you get mad about, but you bitch up and don't tell me anything about it and or don't retaliate. Then I'd say I punked you.
We just have different views on the word punked, you obviously link it to a violent act while I link it to someone making you look foolish in a basketball game.

If my oppossing player keeps saying he's gonna score on me no matter what I do and he baxks it up and I can't stop him and he goes on to drain the game winner in my face, I could pretty much expect my teammates to tell me he punked me in that game.

It's just street lingo man, get over it. You're probably a white boy legend beating other surburban kids, I played against some good Chicago street ballers in my time, and got punked from time to time
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