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Default Re: Remember when Raptors Fan cried about losing Ed Davis in the Gay trade?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
This thread is stupid (what a surprise).

The issue wasn't losing Ed Davis. Davis, while soid, should top out as a good bench player which is obviously replaceable. The issue was taking a gigantic salary for a player who has been above-average at best for almost 2 years now. The issue was signing Derozan to his extension, drafting Ross, signing Fields then trading for Gay. Spending huge money and assets (draft pick) while doubling-up on two positions.

The issue is that the Raptors are a capped-out team, with no All-Star, no draft pick and with likely a 1st round playoff exit as their ceiling for the immediate future. For the Raptors to become anything signfiicant in the East, it basically hinges on Valanciunas developing into AT LEAST a borderline All-Star caliber player. And as much as I like him, that's no guarantee.

Those are the issues.

I totally agree with you here, however on the bright side the new CBA did help prevent some idiot proof for BC as we only signed fields to a 3 year contract. So hopefully when he comes off the books and gay we would have some room to use.

Assuming gay stays we could hopefully sign him to a more cap friendly contract? but that seems unlikely as he will hit his prime and want another max..........

derozan is overpaid but not the worst i guess......
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