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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by NumberSix
Let's stop playing stupid here. Michael OBVIOUS has ulterior motives for saying what he's saying. The dude flat out has resentment towards LeBron. Never liked him, never will.
Where do you get the fact he has resentment to LeBron?

Wouldn't he be more resentful of Kobe? The guy who basically aped not just his game but his swagger, and mannerisms? He's basically at various times on an NBA stage pretended to be Jordan.

LeBron wore #23 in tribute to him. Why would MJ not like the guy? Well I mean, there is obvious reasons to not like LeBron, but he doesn't disrespect him.

Bron blew one of his Finals appearances in serious chicken shit like fashion. All he is saying is he needs the hardware first. What's his ultimate ulterior motive?

Let's stop playing stupid here, you would lick Bron's shaft if given the opportunity.

Originally Posted by BrickingStar
A lot of bad draft picks and other moves and his opinions are relatively turrrible
What opinions of his have been terrible? And how does guesstimating a player's potential value in a draft setting, compare to talking about OBVIOUS established, and proven superstar talent? Your argument is quite idiotic.
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