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Default Re: why cant kobe play till he's 50?

Originally Posted by alleykat
Naw.....if I was Kobe I wouldn't want to fade into nobody....he is still playing good so end on a high note...dude shud do wut he wants to: go retire and live overseas in Italy or somewhere in Europe...must be a nice life

If I was Kobe. I will announce that @ age 35 2013-2014 season will be his "Last Dance"

He should call that retirement at age 35 in the summer of 2014.

18 seasons @ 25 ppg ave with 5 rings & 2 FMVP is all-time great.

Things Kobe should desperately avoid..

-sign for vet min with MIA or OKC & try to win 6th & 7th ring with LBJ or Durant winning FMVP.

-sign a 2 yrs contract extention to see if he can play til 37 & try & win 6th ring & complete 2 decades of pro-career.

Instead, Kobe should go to Europe & play for italy & win rings there while he still can.

Being a man & winning is more important than playing behind wade, LBJ, durant & COLLECTING rings.
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