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Default Re: okc vs miami gamethread

Originally Posted by TheMan
I agree with this.

LBJ is now dominating on the MJ level but my problem with some of his stans is that some are already proclaiming him better than MJ, which right now is laughable. Shaq dominated the league probably even more so than Jordan during his 3 year championship run but you don't see too many folks claiming Shaq > Jordan because MJ had a longer sustained period of dominance...two fckking threepeats >>>one threepeat.

Let's see what LBJ does these next few years before we start talking legacy.

Yet, you do see people labeling Shaq as the MDE (most dominant ever). A lot of people are comparing LeBron's current stretch to Jordan in terms of on-court ability, not legacy, which is entirely different.

There are probably a few stans going overboard though...
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