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Default Re: Magic and Skip say Jordan would beat Lebron 10 out of 10 one v one

Originally Posted by tikay0
THAT WAS A TEAM EFFORT. The defensive rotations the Heat were throwing SOLELY at Rose were amazingly fast. AKA, they loaded up on Rose.

I'll give you guys credit. Your defensive rotations are something to marvel at.

The Heat's whole focus was on Rose. Pretty tough to beat a team when all their focus is on one player and nobody else could create their own shot to lessen the load. LBJ fans should know this, LBJ was owned by the Spurs in 07. Part of the reason LBJ hooked with Wade, he needed someone else who could burden some of the load.

Rose needs to get his 'Wade', per sť. You overload on Rose? Player B will make you pay.
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