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Default Re: why cant kobe play till he's 50?

Originally Posted by Knicksfever2010
He takes ridiculous care of his body (no homo) and right now his average *26.8 is ACTUALLY higher than career average. I dont see why kobe cant do what grant hill has done (score 12 points a game) as an older player.

Imagine playing in the NBA for 32 years? NICEEEE

Kobe at age 34 is in all reality 20 ppg player.

Kobe-centric shotjocking offense is what led LAL to 25-29 record.

He is finished as main scoring option 2 yrs ago. He just shot jocked his way to 26.8 ppg with 24 FGA average. & finally, this is dropping fast.

Kobe should not attempt more than 13 FGA if LAL has legit chance to win any game.

so real kobe ave at age 34 is more like 17-18 PPG which is still pretty good as 1b option or 2nd option.
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