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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by julizaver
Could you name one player other than Michael Jordan and Karl Malone (during 1989-90 season) who average more than 30 ppg during the 90s ?

Just a hint: Shaq and Drob never scores 30 ppg during their careers, and the young AI was NBA leading scorer in 98-99 season with 26.8 ppg.
Dominique in '93 was right there. David Robinson was a pure athlete and scored primarily from that ability and was able to lead the league in scoring. Lebron is a much faster athlete with a lot more skill. No zone defense. I recall Kidd coming into the league and getting serious leverage because of his speed (and obviously his mental game).

The top SF scorers in the 90's at SF position are Nique and Hill who are very different from the rest, then there's Chris Mullin, *Glenn Robinson, Glenn Rice, Antoine Walker and *Finley - its one of the worse decades for SF's. The 90's favored shooters and guys with moves from this position. The argument for speed and quicness to succeed is that Sprewell, primarily at SG tho, who is only quick, didn't have much moves, comes in like 7th in scoring one year. All of these guys cracked the top 10 in scoring in the decade. I can't think of an argument against speed and quickness from a SF scorer.

Obviously the outstanding defenders are Pippen, Anthony Mason and Rodman. Rodman only had trouble with speed and quickness as a defender. Pippen really could never handle Dominique and Grant Hill. Anthony Mason had the same problems Pippen did but wow, what a clash of the Titan he and Lebron would be?

The argument for size is Karl Malone who was the second highest scorer of the decade. Malone doesn't sport much by moves. Lebron is at the very least between Malone (size) and Dominique (explosion and athletism) but is definitely much faster, quicker and more skilled. His handle is vastly superior and I say all of this with his mind set partly as facilitator. The slowest decade ever??? No zones to block his path... 30ppg shouldn't be that hard.
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