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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Originally Posted by Dave3

LeBron's been pretty damn dominant for a large part of his career though. Every year people are saying "yeah he's playing good now, but how long can he keep it up?" Since the 2008-2009 season people have been talking about him playing great. Even before that (2003-2007 - his "pre prime") He was a 28/7/7 player with above average defense carrying scrub level teams to 50 wins.

Then since 2008 he's been playing at an all time level. His first MVP season saw the second highest PER ever (yeah I know it's a shit stat but it's just a shortcut stat for now as I'm sure you already know how great that year was) and he followed up that MVP by going to the conference finals on 35/9/6 averages and going down fighting against Orlando with 38/8/8.

He followed it up the next year with the first 50% FG% for a perimeter volume scorer since MJ and an MVP repeat - already historical as only 8 players have ever done that before, and averaged 30/9/7 for the season too in one of the more unanimous MVP wins. He started off the playoffs playing the same level against the Bulls series and part of the Celtics series, but following complaints of his elbow player poorly and ultimately didn't do well in the last few games of the series.

The following year with all the outrage about the decision and the Heat's poor play out of the gate he faced as much scrutiny as any player ever has, and while entering a brand new team, system, city etc. still put up an MVP level year and by the time the playoffs rolled around he was again garnering Jordan comparisons (from Jordan's teammate Pippen no less) up till the NBA finals. He put away both the Celtics and Bulls with an array of clutch shots and defense, and dominated the league MVP that year, not just winning the games but taking the defensive responsibility whenever the Heat needed to shut down Rose. He had that very disappointing finals series but it was still a relatively successful year considering new team and new everything.

He started off the following year hot, with a more comfortable post presence and now a full year under his belt playing with his Miami teammates, he looked much more comfortable everywhere from the get go. With a new play style cutting down on 3s and playing in the post, set yet another FG% career high on the way to yet another MVP - the 3rd in 4 years. Went onto the playoffs where he yet again showed all of these unclutch accusations were fictional, as he stepped up against both the Pacers and Celtics with 40 point games each time his team was down. Took home the championship and the finals MVP averaging 30/10/6 on 50% for the playoffs in only his second year on a real contending team.

And now he's yet again poised for an MVP, which would be his 4th in 5 years, a feat only accomplished once in NBA history (by Bill Russell). And yet again his play (not his accomplishments) are what garner the Jordan comparisons. He's playing at a level of dominance (for the whole year, just accentuated this last month) only matched by Shaq and Jordan (arguably the 2 most dominant players in NBA history) in the last 2 decades.

This isn't the first time he's been compared to all time greats. Even before his prime this guy had seasons of 32/6/6, and winning playoff series he had no business even competing in. He's been playing at an all time level for half a decade now, the best player in the NBA for each of the last 5 years. the last time an NBA player was the best in the league for 5 straight years? I'd think it was Jordan between '89-'93, but I'm not sure.

LeBron's been doing this for a while, it's not a new occurrence. 5 straight MVP level years (with 3 - likely 4 - MVPs) in that span isn't him just starting to play well all of a sudden.

Great post. It's as if some of those buffoons haven't watched the NBA before this year.
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