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Default Re: Magic and Skip say Jordan would beat Lebron 10 out of 10 one v one

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
Yes he does. Defensive versatility = ability to guard multiple positions. Lebron has defended (and has been successful) guarding players from Derrick Rose to Pau Gasol. MJ would not be able to guard Pau Gasol near the basket. GTFOH.

Lebron's defensive versatility is matched by only a few players...Dennis Rodman is one. I can't even think of another. Maybe Pippen.

Ummm....he gaurded Pau Gasol for like 3 possessions. The ability to guard a player for a few possesions don't necessarily mean you can guard that position.

Tell me when he consistently guards the opposing team's big men. HE HASN'T.

That's the biggest myth that BSPN has put out there.

Yes, technically he can guard all 5 positions, but that doesn't mean he's effective at it.

Magic Johnson played center for a game in the Finals. Does that make him one of the great centers of all time?

Floyd Mayweather can fight the Klitschko brothers, does it mean he'll be effective?

Edit: Rodman and Pippen are MUCH better defenders than Lebron.

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