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Default Re: This Is Durant's Prime Right Now

I think people get a little offended too often on this topic. Just as a reference Michael Jordan scored 37 ppg in his third year at 23 years old. He never reached that number again. That doesn't mean that he never got better as a basketball player, but he just wasn't able to put up those types of stats again. I think as an individual player, he peaked in 1990, the year they lost to the Pistons in game 7. That was when he was the most complete and total player that I had ever seen. The funny thing is, the years that he actually won his rings, he was in the decline phase. His stats went down year after year, but the team got better.

You have to remember, when we are talking about prime and peak, we are talking about individual achievements. When we are talking about winning, we are talking about team achievements. The 2 don't always coincide.

KAJ is another one. He won almost all his titles in his decline period. Wilt Chamberlain as well. He never was able to match his 50/26 season when he was 25 years old.

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