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Default Re: Magic and Skip say Jordan would beat Lebron 10 out of 10 one v one

Originally Posted by tikay0
Lebron doesn't have better defensive versatility. In MJ's DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD year, he was playing passing lanes, best perimiter man to man defense in the history of the NBA, and could come from the weak side and block the shit outta the ball.

Tell me exactly what Lebron does better than Jordan on the defensive end? He's too big, and doesn't have the foot coordination of a Jordan to be as elite as him, on a 1 on 1 defensive basis.

When Jordan was called upon to assume Lebron's position, ball dominant distributor, he posted up better numbers than Lebron could ever dream of. When Lebron tried to play off ball like MJ, oh wait, he tried that, and it failed miserably. LBJ HAS TO BE BALL DOMINANT in order to be successful. He has no clue what he's doing off the ball, besides an alley oop, here and there.

You just fail.

Yes he does. Defensive versatility = ability to guard multiple positions. Lebron has defended (and has been successful) guarding players from Derrick Rose to Pau Gasol. MJ would not be able to guard Pau Gasol near the basket. GTFOH.

Lebron's defensive versatility is matched by only a few players...Dennis Rodman is one. I can't even think of another. Maybe Pippen.
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