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Default Re: Dwight still believes he will be playing for the Nets next year

Originally Posted by niko
Dwight's an idiot on so many levels. He can't win on his own or as a featured player, but he doesn't want to change his game to be a compliment at all. He can't (almost literally) get to Brooklyn unless the Lakers decide they need Brook Lopez. They aren't going to do that. And to make it even more funny, the Nets aren't even really pursuing him. During their time in the offseason, at a point Dwight was available the nets got JJ, which hurt their ability greatly to absorb salary. BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T CARE ANYMORE. Even they have moved on.

But the one thing that makes me think that regardless he winds up in LA or MAYBE Dallas is Dwight loves that Addidas money, and that money ain't following him to the Hawks.

Why would the money not follow him? Atlanta is a big city but the basketball market seems limited...and a guy like Howard could bring it back. What Rose is to Chicago, Howard can be to Atlanta...only he took the road to get there himself. It could be his redemption. Plus, reuniting with another hometown guy, who's his Best Friend?

His Dad wanted him to stay in Orlando...why wouldn't he want him to come back home? Plus, Smith and Howard are great complements to each other...and they have Horford, who carries value and could bring in another piece.
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