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Default Re: Dwight still believes he will be playing for the Nets next year

"@stephenasmith There’s a hole in your Howard story. Dwight and the Lakers never went to Toronto when Gay was playing for the Raptors.
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Whatever hole is not my problem, @BrooklynNets11. All I said is what he said to Rudy Gay. In Memphis? Toronto? Who cares. Here’s the real ?
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Does the man want to be in LA come July, @BrooklynNets11. That’s the question.
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Maybe I got it wrong about where he said it, @BrooklynNets11. I don’t know. My point was: DWIGHT STILL WANTS TO GO TO BROOKLYN! "

Umm...well if it happened in Memphis, then that means that Rudy Gay had not been traded yet. And so Dwight could not have possibly told Rudy that he had messed up by going to a new team.
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