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Default Re: MJ picks Kobe over LeBron

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf24
Think about it for 1 second....

- Ahmad Rashad didn't ask....who's career is better?......that is stupid.

- He asked ..."Kobe or Lebron?".....( who is the better player?....better player at thier absolute best?)

- at thier best.....Both are Champions, Both can take over games and impose thier will.....Kobe's skillset has done it more and more often.....

that's why MJ said Kobe....of course Kobe's career is better....he played longer,

Yes, but then he referred to their championships. If they were just talking about them at their best, the ring count is irrelevant. He wasn't talking about right now or both at their best.

It was obviously not a very specified question. But if he's referring to ring count, then career is obviously what he's referring to. He even said that doesn't mean Lebron can't get more.
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