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Default Re: Remember when Raptors Fan cried about losing Ed Davis in the Gay trade?

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
obviously, because it should have been Bargnani being traded, not one of the fan favourites and future building blocks of the franchise.

you have to give up something to get something back but it was a short sighted move by BC, unless he is planning to deal Bargs as well by the deadline. If he doesn't we are fcuked in the playoffs with a guy like him who is allergic to the paint.
This is a perfect example right here

The teams success will be determined by what one of the players can't do not what the whole team can't do. Because Bargnani isn't the post scorer they need its his fault that nobody else on this professional basketball team is?

The Rudy gay trade was a great deal- for the raptors. If they get amare the raptors are a top 5 team in the east
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