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Default Re: Jordan Says Only 4 Current Player Could Play in His Era

I think that u should always believe in yourself and your peers in terms of greatness. I do think overall that the Golden Era back in the 80's and early 90's had more depth in terms of great talent. But to say ONLY FOUR! LMBAO. For starters, the 2000's era SG's are the greatest era of SG's of all time. Other than MJ and Drexler, Kobe, Wade, AI, Vince, T Mac, Ray Allen, Ginobli, and Pierce while he was at SG would completely overtake the SG spot. Other than Barkley and Malone, many of the PF's of that era would get overtaken as well. What's keeping MJ's era strong in comparison in terms of position depth is center and small forward. Point guard depth today from top to bottom is as good as ever. The only thing is those guys back in MJ's era were true technicians in the art of being a floor general and their era was damn deep at PG too. Many of today's PG's are more hybrid or combo guards playing PG. So for those reasons I would take the PG depth back then over today. But in my book, the main difference to me is the SF and C depth MJ's era had.
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