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Default Re: The false notion that Miami is the worst rebounding team and will suffer for it

Originally Posted by Hank
#1) The Heat didn't' even look like they tried in the last Indy game. Didn't send an extra man to attack the boards and other factors that we saw when Miami played Indiana in the playoffs (WITHOUT BOSH BTW and Miami still had no problem winning the series).

#2) We have yet to see Birdman and Bosh on the court together, and we will see plenty of that when it counts in the playoffs, as Spo has already given indications of with the media.

#3) You obviously didn't read the original post how the Heat adjust in the playoffs. Riley isn't stupid

#4) We heard the same arguments 2 years ago how the Bulls frontcourt and #1 ranked rebounding team would demolish the Heat on the boards in the ECF series. Well, it didn't happen, and before that series I broke down the reasons why, and I was correct on all accounts.

1. If you just want to make excuses like the Heat didn't try, I'm not going to waste my time. If you want to troll look elsewhere, but if you want to talk seriously I'm game.
Indy has averaged a 14 rebound advantage over Miami in 2 games.. both wins. Spin it all you want, that is still problematic and certainly a concern. If they just assume they can beat Indy because they did last post season and don't make adjustments based upon the drubbing they've received on the boards then they are in trouble.

2. You are putting way too much stock in an older, inconsistent amnesty victim. The honeymoon won't last forever. Sure he was worth the risk, but if you think Birdman will save you on the glass and be productive for more than 10 minutes a night, you are sadly mistaken.

3. Wow.. teams adjust in the playoffs? I had no idea. Is it just Miami or do other teams as well? This changes everything.. as does your comment about Riley. But what does the president/GM's intelligence have to do with how Spo will coach the team?

4. Miami was the third best rebounding team that season.
How is this even comparable?
Meanwhile Chicago was a very young team. Their front court of Noah, Boozer and Taj is much more experienced and better than they were then.
But I'd still like to read your post.. please provide a link.
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