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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
Woah...The Jordan Bulls Were Loaded With Talent when your Talking the BEst All Around PLayer other than Jordan in Pippen, Ho Grant (Great Mid Range Shooter Solid Defender) and Rodman(best Rebounder in League with Ridiculous Motor), Kukoc (one of Europes best Players), Paxton, Armstrong(knockdown Shooters), Harper(all around PG), Longley and Cartwight two Centers better than 95% of Centers in todays league Plus a Great Coach and System(triangle Offense). SO Stop acting LIke Jordan Carried Scrubs he played on the best TEAM in the League for Years just LIke Kobe did. Difference between Kobe and Jordan at least Jordan was Top dawg all the Time where Kobe wasn't even Top Dawg on his First 3 championship teams.

LMFAO. Not only do you forget the 1st 3 peat Bulls, but you're trying to tell me Grant/Rodman were better players than Chris Bosh??? Why do Lebron stans only bring up the 95-98 Bulls???

Pippen/Wade are a tie in terms of overall impact, but Wade's offensive game, requires a lot more attention than Pippen.

Not to mention the multitude of shooters LBJ has now. LBJ's team offense >>>> MJ's. Hence, why he doesn't get consistently double or tripled like MJ.

Did you not watch last night's game. He gets covered 1 on 1, straight up. He hit a 3 in Perkin's face for God's sake.
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