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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by Hank
What a pile of tripe. Wade had no problem winning a title with a beaten down Shaq (who saw 10 minutes less per game in miami because he wasn't nearly the same player as he was in LA and with multiple injuries). And Wade didn't have a polished post game at all at the time. Give healthy Wade a PRIME Shaq for 8 years and he easily wins more than 3 titles. A prime Shaq was the most dominant force we've ever seen and demanded triple teams. Wade with all that room and one on one play would destroy the league.

The greats are defined what they bring on the NBA's biggest stage, and its pathetic how poor kobe has played in NBA finals. Wade had more moments in the 2011 NBA finals than kobe has had in his career. That's because kobe was carried. It's sad how kobe lacks big moments on the NBA's biggest stage - and that's because he's the most overrated player in NBA history.

Give Lebron EIGHT years of prime Shaq and he easily has 5 or 6 titles in those 8 years.. and performs far better than Kobe did in the Finals. Kobe always plays his best early in the regular season when other teams are still figuring things out to pump his totals and FG%. Over the 2nd half of the season his FG% plummets, and gets worse as the season goes on (just as it has over the past 2 months dropping, and he's a piss poor 42% for february). that's his MO. and he's even worse in the playoffs, and in the Finals.

He was carried his whole career. He's useless without the best frontcourt in basketball. As evidenced by getting slapped 8 games to 1 against OKC and Dallas in the 2nd round the last 2 years when they brought in Perkins and Chandler to match the Lakers frontcourt advantage. Kobe is not, and never was good enough to be the difference when everything else is matched up evenly.

Because he's never been that good.

It's like 2005 again, just with Lebron fans instead of T-mac and VC fans.

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