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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Originally Posted by scm5
There's more to the game than just stats.

Who said they were? LeBron's stats merely reaffirm what we're seeing on the court. Thus, it's the most objective tool one can use to make a fair comparison. The eye-test on the other hand is fallible to biases. Stats aren't. It's not like LeBron's numbers haven't led to incredible success over the years. Nobody has won more games than him over the last 5 years(09-13) - the span most consider him to be the game's best player(I'm not that big on '11 and '12 though, unlike others). The span in which LeBron's also produced 4 Top 10 PER seasons out of 5.

Mentally, Lebron has broken down in the past which put him out of the discussion.

Every player has a black spot in their career. LeBron's '11 finals was certainly horrible, but shouldn't define him. Especially considering what has happened since. As far as the whole mental toughness thing is concerned, you've been watching too much First Take. History is firmly on LeBron's side. He arguably did more with less than anybody in NBA history as a Cavalier. And of the 2 championship-worthy teams he has played on in his career, 1 of them won a championship. Mentally soft? Not buying it.

btw, @ Kobe being an underdog . Yeah, one of the 5 most athletic SGs ever, who has played his entire career on the most successful franchise in NBA history, on one loaded team after another being an "underdog". Good lord....

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