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Default Re: The false notion that Miami is the worst rebounding team and will suffer for it

What will matter is when they go up against teams with size in the East playoffs.

The last time they played the Pacers (with Birdman), they got beat on the boards 34-25 and lost the game. The time before that was 55-36 ans another loss.

Last time they played Chicago they got smoked 48-28 and lost.

Those are major drubbings on the board. And why they are 0-3 against those two teams.

These are the teams they need to worry about, not the Lakers like you mentioned who may not even make the playoffs let alone face Miami in the Finals.

Meanwhile it's pretty much their only weakness, so assuming they can at least stay competitive on the boards (I highly doubt they outrebound Chicago or Indy) they will be fine. Then again.. Indy is getting back Granger soon and will only be more dangerous and have even more size.

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