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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by Gotterdammerung
35 ppg... 12 rpg... & 5 dimes ring any bells? It was obviously not working.

In the autobiography, Rodman said that in the locker room, prior to the games, Robinson was visibly shaking. Whether that was from adrenaline or from a triple espresso shot, I dunno.

Again, if Rodman was some all-world defender that neutralized any top offensive threat, who better than Hakeem Olajuwon at his absolute peak?

That the Spurs stuck with Robinson, despite getting torched every game, says more about this hypothetical scenario than anyone realizes.

Robinson played awesome defense on Hakeem. Hakeem just had as good as series

Originally Posted by kshutts1
As PP34Deuce stated, prime defensive Artest was probably the player most suited to guard Lebron effectively. Incredible strength, along with great lateral quickness.

Rodman didn't have the lateral quickness (at least not when I watched him, but that was with the Bulls) to stick with Lebron on the perimeter for an entire game.

Second best player to guard Lebron is obviously Pippen. Only place where Lebron has the upper hand is strength, which means post play, and while Lebron has gotten much, much better I'd still take my chances on Lebron trying to beat Pip in the post rather than on the perimeter.

Rodman had much greater lateral quickness than Artest ever had. Maybe not when he was with the Bulls, but while he was in Detroit, absolutely...even in San Antonio...especially that first year.

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