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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Wake me up when Lebron has faced a defense like the Bad Boy Pistons/90's Knicks/96' Sonics/Utah Jazz, list goes on and on. MJ posted a majority of his 40-50 pt games against top 10 defenses!!! Lebron scores a majority of his 40-50 pt games against scrub ass teams that couldn't hold any of those team's jock straps.

MJ got consistently triple teamed on a nightly basis. He didn't have a Wade and Bosh to take all the pressure off of him on the offensive side of the ball.

Not to mention he played world class defense, to go with his offense.

Also, when MJ had to play the point one year, he damn near averaged a triple double, and went on a stretch of 10 triple doubles out of 11 games! I bet any money, if he played PG his whole career, he'd eventually get a triple double season. One in which Lebron stans cream their pants over.

Lebron can't play off the ball like MJ. He NEEDS the ball in his hand. Jordan let Pippen take over as the point forward for the betterment of the team, and to bring out Pippen's maximum potential. I guarantee you, if MJ had played the point his whole career, he'd go down as the greatest PG of all time, and have much better all around number than Lebron.

MJ's DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR STATS: 32.5 pts. 8 rebs. 8 assists 3 stls. 1 blk. On 54% shooting.

I don't even want to embarrass Lebron with Jordan's playoff stats. That's TOO easy to do.

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