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Default Re: I'm an idiot who loves hating on Lebron.. Do you agree?

Originally Posted by ripthekik
I'm an idiot who loves hating on Lebron.. Do you agree?.

Thats not the problem Ripthekik, you can go ahead and "hate" (thats such a strong word, what did Lebron do to you?) Lebron all you want, thats not the problem at all.... you are a Kobe/Laker fan, dont want to be a Lebron/Miami fan, dont want to commend him in honor of your team & favorite player, many young fans do & did that...... but that doesnt mean you should let that affect your logical, reasonable & factual basketall judgements and hence downplay great basketball just because it doesnt came from your favorite player/team... thats exactly what you are doing...

I was kindof like you when i was around 12 in the 90s, with Reggie Miller... i would go like "Reggie Miller > Jordan, because he is a much better shooter & clutch player, if he had the team Jordan had he would also win championships, Jordan is overrated, he will not be GOAT"

Think that "disease" heals up as you grow up and as your basketball knowledge grows up...... when you get there next thing you know you are just disgusted at yourself for doing that, for missing out & not appreciating what was actually the greatest player to lace up a pair of shoes.... you wished you could turn back the time and just be glued to the TV, witness the greatest legacy ever, soak it all in.... but its to late...

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