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Default Re: Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Originally Posted by Indian guy
Statistically, the only peer LeBron has left is MJ. Who the **** do you want the media to compare him to? And stop acting like they're doing it based on this season alone. LeBron has multiple all-time level seasons under his belt, in BOTH regular season and playoffs. And now that he has a ring on top of it, he has more than earned a legit comparison with the GOAT.

This is why Kobe fans will always be cu nts. Nobody's been quicker than them to compare a certain player to MJ. They live for it. But now they're playing the "it's too quick for LeBron" card . Shut up.

There's more to the game than just stats. Mentally, Lebron has broken down in the past which put him out of the discussion. He's definitely in it now.

When I compare Kobe to MJ, it's not the stats I'm really talking about, MJ has always been a better player across the board. Kobe is just as strong mentally as Jordan, and to me, he's like the Rocky Balboa of the NBA. Kind of an underdog when it comes to the all time greats...

Think about it, when you look at the best players the game has seen:

MJ - Until Lebron came along, probably the most athletic perimeter player ever.

Wilt - From past stories, most likely the most athletic big man ever with incredible physical attributes.

Shaq - 300+ lbs and could move like a SF at times in his prime.

Magic - a 6'9 point guard

Aside from those guys, most of the rest of the Top 10 are generally bigs.

Tim Duncan isn't an incredible physical specimen, but he's long and tall.

Hakeem was also a 7 footer that could move like a SF.

Russell, I can't say too much as I've never seen him play, but they say his wingspan was incredible.

Bird is probably the most like Kobe in regards to his athleticism compared to the rest of the Top 10. He's definitely the least athletic of them all, and I really respect what he was able to do. It's almost as if Luke Walton was able to put up 29/11/7. It makes you wonder "HOW?!".
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