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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by Hank
The Cavs 2nd best player was coming off the bench for the Clippers the following year. What was Clevelands record again after lebron left ??

Give Lebron or Wade a PRIME Shaq for 8 years like Kobe had, and either one of them win 5 rings, not just 3 in 8 years.

Give Lebron a dominant frontcourt of Odom/Bynum/Gasol when they were younger and obviously much better than they are now (and 3 bigs who can all pass the ball extremely well, which is huge and often overlooked), in the pathetic western conference that had crappy frontcourts, and Lebron has 8 rings now, not just 5.

What happened when OKC brought in Perkins to add to Ikaka and Durant up front to match the Lakers frontcourt ???, and what happened when Dallas brought in Chandler to add to Dirk up front matching the Lakers frontcourt advantage in the West ?

What happened was Kobe was exposed as the fraud he always was. Kobe and the lakers got trounced 8 games to one in those 2 series vs OKC and Dallas with early playoff exits. Without a dominant frontcourt that could breeze through the western playoffs Kobe is (and was) useless. Nobody in the west was fearful of Kobe the stringbean Bryant and his chucking and stupid play. They were fearful of the lakers frontcourt length and ability.

MJ is just trying desperately to make a legacy of rings, for his own benefit, not anyone else. As Miller said last night, MJ's comments are hogwash because he knows Lebron is staring over his shoulder as the GOAT.

Kobe is trash and the most overrated player in NBA history.

- Lebron had an allstar Caliber Center.....and a allstar caliber Forward ( boozer) since his rookie year...He had great teamates/role players who won 64 games! now it's all Lebron?......he still Lost in Miami with WADE and BOSH!!!......until he changed his game and became a better post player and closer!

- young Lebron was not the same player with the same skillset he is today.2013 Lebron on the Cavs would have beaten the Celtics and the Spurs.

- Kobe started plaing with Shaq at 17 years think 17 - 18 year old Wade or Lebron would have won Titles with Shaq?.....GTFO..Lakers couldn't get past the WCFinals until Kobe developed his game...

- Wade wasn't even in the NBA at 21......Lebron had no Jumper at 21 and hardly any game in the post.

- Your fantasy is lacking what really happened...
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