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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by plowking
In today's league where we have no players averaging 30+ppg, we have Lebron averaging 27ppg, yet back in the 90's when it was filled with multiple 30ppg scorers each season, we'd see Lebron's scoring digress? His scoring would go up a bunch, with his efficiency taking a slight hit due to being a more superstar oriented game at the time. I'd expect 30+ppg on about 52% shooting.

Could you name one player other than Michael Jordan and Karl Malone (during 1989-90 season) who average more than 30 ppg during the 90s ?

Just a hint: Shaq and Drob never scores 30 ppg during their careers, and the young AI was NBA leading scorer in 98-99 season with 26.8 ppg.
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