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Default Re: Dwight still believes he will be playing for the Nets next year

Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
Boom. Knew this was fishy.
Someone called him out too....

M. King ‏@BrooklynNets11

@stephenasmith Thereís a hole in your Howard story. Dwight and the Lakers never went to Toronto when Gay was playing for the Raptors.
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Whatever hole is not my problem, @BrooklynNets11. All I said is what he said to Rudy Gay. In Memphis? Toronto? Who cares. Hereís the real ?
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Does the man want to be in LA come July, @BrooklynNets11. Thatís the question.
Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith

Maybe I got it wrong about where he said it, @BrooklynNets11. I donít know. My point was: DWIGHT STILL WANTS TO GO TO BROOKLYN!
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