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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by Nash
Kobe got 3 rings because he had Shaq and a quality team. If he had Moe Williams, Parker, Jamison and Illgauskas instead while Lebron had prime Shaq his first 5 years in the league we would not even talk about this.

The only thing Kobe has on Lebron is that he was lucky enough to have one of the most dominant centers of all time before he became the man which gave him those 3 rings that people use to put him ahead of Lebron. Because as the man of the team, Kobe has 1 ring more than Lebron and Lebron will be ahead in that department sooner or later.

- so Lebron didn't have a great team when the Cavs won 60+ games each year and were favorites to win the Title?

- Lebron didn't have a great team when the HEAT got merked in the Finals vs teh MAVS?

- The Kobe/ Shaq Lakers were not a very deep team.....and Yes Shaq was a Dominant was Kobe ( all defensive 1rst go along with 26PPG , 6reb 5ast playoff averages)

but after Kobe and Shaq teh Lakers were not a very deep team at all.....and Lebron's skillset was not able to close games as he can now...young Lebron and Prime Shaq don't win any titles......

Just as Young Penny and Shaq couldn't win......even Prime Wade and Shaq only won 1 Title in 3 seasons....and LA couldn't get past the WCFinals until Kobe became the go to player.

your what if's are desperate and silly......

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