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Default Re: Can an Uptempo Offense beat the Miami Heat?

Originally Posted by Nash
Teams that have caused Miami problems: Indiana

Why? Because they are big and have perimeter in Gerorge Hill and Paul George. But they still couldn't beat a Miami without(!) Bosh.

So, no, go big, go small. It won't matter to Miami. The only team that can beat them is a REAL team like San Antonio. Those guys don't rely on one or two players, they rely on everybody and can annoy Miami with their fantastic 3 point shooting.

So unless Miami gets San Antonio in the final, they will probably win it all again.

Would probably have to be like a Mavs 2011 situation for the Spurs where chemistry was off the charts and they hit all the important shots while being solid defensively. Plus a subpar series from Wade or Bosh wouldn't hurt.

But honestly this team isn't anywhere near playing it's peak basketball of the season, yet we have the best record in the NBA. If we're healthy and clicking at the right time, no doubt we could get to the Finals or possibly beyond. The Spurs are better than last year by my estimations.
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