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Default Re: Chuck Says "LeBron is a bigger stronger Jordan"

Originally Posted by BrickingStar
Which is why you contradicting yourself with the sentence before the bold. Based on what are those 2 stronger than lebron? Only thing I've heard about them is being one of the more thuggish players in the league, which doesn't make them stronger. Certainly only a retard would actually state "Artest and Wallace are regarded as two of the strongest guys in the league" as if it were actually evidence I can tell you something tho, lebron does look stronger driving to the rim and with his go to move the "bull rush". The only thing we can go by is appearance and LBJ sure wins on that category when compared to MJ but like you said it's not absolute.

I didn't say they were stronger, I said 'they were regarded as two of the strongest'. That's not a contradiction. I haven't said one player is stronger than another in this thread. My whole f*cking argument is that it is impossible to tell.

I didn't use that statement as 'evidence'. Holy shit man.

- Guy says, "LeBron is bigger so he's stronger."

- Then I said, "LeBron is bigger than Wallace and Artest who were regarded as two strong guys. Does that make LeBron stronger?"
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