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Default Re: MJ Discusses Kobe vs. LeBron -vid

Originally Posted by Nash
Kobe got 3 rings because he had Shaq and a quality team. If he had Moe Williams, Parker, Jamison and Illgauskas instead while Lebron had prime Shaq his first 5 years in the league we would not even talk about this.

The only thing Kobe has on Lebron is that he was lucky enough to have one of the most dominant centers of all time before he became the man which gave him those 3 rings that people use to put him ahead of Lebron. Because as the man of the team, Kobe has 1 ring more than Lebron and Lebron will be ahead in that department sooner or later.
I agree I mean with the logic of putting so much weight on rings, MJ would have to rank russel over himself as the cap is even bigger between rings from obe and lbj. If LeBron gets 3 rings, then I'm going to have to send an open letter to kobe that he might not like. But MJ didn't really say anything controversial here, LeBron is better/dominant now and he says it's debatable between which he'd have to chose from at their best but kobe is stil better career wise.

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