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Default Re: Would anyone be mad if a player Knocked out a ref?

Originally Posted by MtMutombo
I think that refs get biased, but I dont buy them picking winners or beeing puppeteered by great sith jewish overlord David Stern BUT if a player knocked out a ref, that would change the wholeeee player-ref-league relationship. My guess is that refs would be alot more concerned with calling a game evenly.

I wish there was more of a ref perspective cus sometimes you watch these guys and it really looks like theyre picking favs.

Refs are human, if a ref sees player A elbow player B and calls a foul on player A but didn't see player B elbow player A first it's not their fault - it's the nature of the game. Same with flopping, if a ref can't tell there's nothing you can do unless you want 30+ reviews every game.

If a players were to start knocking out refs for bad calls we're going to see security guards coming into refs' rescues every time a player even comes close to approach a ref. And there would definitely be no more coach/player to ref conversations during dead balls.
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