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Default Re: Remember when Raptors Fan cried about losing Ed Davis in the Gay trade?

Not going to type all this out again, but my thoughts on the Gay trade was this:

Short-term move. Were going to pay Gay a lot of money and that doesn't give us the cap space to address other weaknesses on this team. I understand the Calderon trade because his trade value was at a high and Lowry is better than him, but trading Davis makes it clear that Colangelo wants to still build with Bargnani as a main piece... and that really boggles my mind.

If Bargnani isn't traded as well and Colangelo comes back, I think a lot of Raptor fans are heading out the door and not going to bother with this team whatsoever, because it's clear they have no long-term vision. It seems the franchise wants to get into the playoffs and get owned in the first round for next couple of years and have no more room to improve.

From a fan standpoint with Calderon and Davis, I'm gonna miss both. Calderon for being a fine pure point guard, unselfish, and the ultimate professional. Davis, I wanted to him start after his rookie season, really played well since Bargnani got injured and I thought he was going to be the future piece for this team, either rotational or starting.

So overall, the trade just didn't make sense, outside of probably getting Calderon off our plate.

So right now, were seeing the short-term. Gay has 2 game winning shots and the Raptors have won 4 in a row and are 5-2 with him. However, he's still struggling from the field shooting a shade under 39% and is 5-31 from the 3. His defense has been good, especially his help defense, but that still doesn't justify his current contract.

Davis isn't getting playing time, like others have mentioned, because of such a dominant big man tandem. It's was big loss for us because he was producing the same production Amir Johnson was in less minutes, at a cheaper price. Sure, he wasn't as skilled and he might have been playing for that big contract, but he was a piece I think we could have hung on to, instead of having an overpaid SF (among other overpaid players). At least, couldn't we have gotten somebody for Bargnani instead ? Everyone I know that is a Raptor fan, wanted Bargs gone.

Glad Gay is here regardless, but how are we going to look in the future and how do we support him and cover his weaknesses ?

Originally Posted by heavensdevil
Guess you haven't seen many raptor games, Ed has great potential, but Ross has tremendous upside, nice jumper and ridiculous athleticism

When will Ross get the playing time to show that tremendous upside ? I honestly think we wasted a pick on him and should have gotten Drummond in the draft, since we now got Rudy Gay.

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