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Default Everyone has lost their mind on Lebron...

Lebron is BY FAR the best player in the NBA. But let's be real here...he hasn't done enough to unseat MJ. HE STILL HAS HALF HIS CAREER TO GO. Can we wait and watch him do it? He's won ONE title. ONE. Not five.

Because he's beasting and because ESPN has decided this is LEBRON IS BETTER THAN MJ Week (i'm a bit ashamed at some of you jumping on the ESPN bandwagon, that's lame X 100) the season will not be cancelled, and the title will not be handed over on February.

Perspective people. Yes, i also fully expect Lebron to be standing there come June. But i've seen bigger favorites flame out. Chill for a bit. Enjoy the ride, stop trying to say it's over.
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