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Default Re: Lebron in the 1990's

Originally Posted by KOBE143
I dont think LeBron would dominate in the 90s.. He doesnt have the skills like Kobe that can dominate in any era.. He looks like a dominant player right now because he statpad.. His domination is fake, it is just an illusion.. Even tho the 90s was a watered down era, I think he would struggle playing in that era because the league would not allow him to statpad.. If only the league right now would not allow lebron to statpad, Kobe would still be the best player.. Its quite sad that the league is always on LeBron nuts since he was drafted.. I know they're looking for a new kobe because of the rape scandal that may shorten Kobe's career but they failed big time coz lebron would never ever ever be as good as Kobe Bean Bryant..
Ok we know you are butthurt because Kobe doesnt get any attention this year. We all saw what happens when Kobe is playing against great defense aka Pistons(2004) Celtics (2008,2010). Worst finals of some superstar ever. And we saw how Lebron is destroying those same Pistons, Celtics year after year.

My prediction is that he would be at least 2 times DPOY, and better version of Magic, with better scoring skillset. We saw how his jumper can look when he shots them. Its on an all time high level like in last game. I think he would evolve his jumper to the greatest level people have seen. He and Jordan would be the greatest rivalry of all time.
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