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Default Re: I'm an idiot who loves hating on Lebron.. Do you agree?

I think "idiot" is too kind of a word to describe you. You are more like an insecure closet homo with an unhealthy obsession with Lebron.

Knowing he is married burns your soul to the core, love turns into hatred and your urge to talk about him increases exponentially. You are no longer in control of yourself mentally, physically or emotionally. A raging fire consumes your thoughts, you are helpless, it's already too late. Lebron has penetrated your mind and spread the seeds of misery in your subconsciousness. You are at his mercy, a mere slave under his command, an ant below his foot. Your only purpose in life is to now spread the name of Lebron, every breath you take on this Earth is for Lebron, every word you utter is to honor him, you live for him and you accept your role.
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