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Default Re: those salivating over Lebron:

Originally Posted by ripthekik
if he is so good does he still need to join Wade and Bosh?
People constantly forget the fact: he excels when he has all star teammates.
if he only had 1 star or none, it'd be back to 2010 finals performance. that's why this guy plays so well in team USA and all star games. The only way for his beta ass to excel is to have multiple star teammates.

at the end of the day, the 1 and only ring he won was won with the tremendous help of Wade (top2 sg) and Bosh(top 5 pf). That's all.

1. Every ring that every super-star has won has come with other great players on the team

2. Injured Bosh was not a top 5 PF last year in the playoffs. And even if he was in the games he played, he certainly wasn't a top 5 PF in the two rounds that he missed
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