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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r

On an aside, speaking of Rodman, that's why I only take the Detroit DPOY Rodman on any team of mine, and none of the later versions. If what you're doing on the court doesn't help your team win games then it's meaningless. Getting big rebounding totals at the expense of leaving your defensive assignment open does not help your team win games. That's one reason why people can't just cite stats.

This is completely accurate and people don't take it into consideration when looking at stats. It's not just accurate, but it's the truth and only right that it's acknowledged...unfortunately, it is not.

But I don't agree on least not completely. He played SF for most of the time in Detroit. His first year in Chicago was a standout year. I think he was less impressive in San Antonio, but he was only there two years and his second year is the more celebrated season, despite him missing 33 games and only starting 26. But again, he did play PF so I don't think he was leaving defensive assignments.
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