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Default Re: Could Dennis Rodman defend Lebron?

Originally Posted by Micku
No he didn't. Rodman guarded Shaq on a few instances, where he did very well by getting him out of position and taking tough shots. He did not guard him the whole series every time he was on the floor.

People seem to think he did guard Shaq the entire series. The reality was that he couldn't. He was capable of guarding him separate possessions every now and then, just like Lebron would be able to guard Dwight every now and then (well, the Dwight of old, anyway), but not for a whole game, or a whole series (!).

My larger point was that (largely because of that video in particular) Rodman has this reputation as a defensive god that can guard anyone in any situation for any length of time, and that this isn't the case.
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