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Default Re: Lebron is on Jordan's level now

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
Also, MJ's level is not 32/8/8...LOL...he got 8 assists and 8 rebounds per game one season in his whole career.

damb ar$$

MJ was a lone all-star in that 1988-1989 team. You put Wade + Bosh, both all-star STARTERS on 1989 Bulls, 4-5 MJ seasons will be 30+ ppg + 10+ rpg or apg DOUBLE DOUBLES!

Respect Nikka. MJ got to 8 / 8 as only All-Star in the line up.

Bird had mchale + Parish. LBJ has Wade + Bosh.

Pippen & grant were still developing in 1989.
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