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Default Re: Lebron is on Jordan's level now

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
Not even close.

He is not even at Birds level btw. let alone MJ.

MJ's level is 32.5 / 8 / 8.

Larry Bird's level is 30 ppg 10+rpg double double.

LBJ is definitely playing unbelievable but 27 ppg isnt exactly 30 ppg or 32.5 ppg.

MJ > Bird > LBJ


Bird never once averaged 30 ppg and 10 rpg. He got 30 (29.9 actually) and 9 one year...but according to you, 9 isn't exactly 10 now is it.

And Bird was usually at 25 ppg and 10 rpg i have no clue what u are talking about
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