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Default Re: Lebron is on Jordan's level now

Originally Posted by 2010splash

Bird isn't worthy of lacing up LeBron's sneakers. Enough with this overrating of past players. Only one of them was as good as/better than LeBron, and that would be Jordan.

LeBron crushes Bird easily. He is the second greatest player to ever play the game.

damb faaaak.

Bird has 5-6 seasons of 25+ ppg double double.
Bird as 3 seasons of almost 28-30 ppg double double.

Bird is still the best SF to ever play the game.

LBJ is all time great but he aint beating Bird at anything yet.

Just check LBJ stats & Bird Stats. you'll know.

we'll talk LBJ vs Bird when LBJ actually wins 3+ rings.

GOAT SF talk is still premature. Bird is by far the greatest.
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