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Default Re: I hate Lebron James

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
You do know LBJ cannot "SUSTAIN" this for 80 games! you realize that.

1985 Bird: 28.7 ppg / 10.5 rpg / 6.6 apg for 80 games
1988 Bird: 30 ppg / 9.3 rpg / for 76 games
1987 Bird: 28.1 ppg / 9.2 rpg / 7.6 apg for 74 games

LBJ never came close to Bird's level even now.

If Bird had mchale + Parish. LBJ has Wade + Bosh. so no argument there.

Bird averaged 10 rebounds for his career!!! That's insanity. Wake me up, when Lebron can do that.

Not to mention he played SF his entire career. LBJ's playing PF most of time, and still can't average 9+ rebounds.
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