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Default Re: I hate Lebron James

Originally Posted by Freedom Kid7
I feel the same way. I've thought that Bird's offensive game was superior, but at this rate he may even surpass Bird's offensive game. It saddens me, but as you mention, I respect LeBron. He's balled hard.

You do know LBJ cannot "SUSTAIN" this for 80 games! you realize that.

1985 Bird: 28.7 ppg / 10.5 rpg / 6.6 apg for 80 games
1988 Bird: 30 ppg / 9.3 rpg / for 76 games
1987 Bird: 28.1 ppg / 9.2 rpg / 7.6 apg for 74 games

LBJ never came close to Bird's level even now.

If Bird had mchale + Parish. LBJ has Wade + Bosh. so no argument there.
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