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Default Re: Lebron is on Jordan's level now

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
Not even close.

He is not even at Birds level btw. let alone MJ.

MJ's level is 32.5 / 8 / 8.

Larry Bird's level is 30 ppg 10+rpg double double.

LBJ is definitely playing unbelievable but 27 ppg isnt exactly 30 ppg or 32.5 ppg.

MJ > Bird > LBJ
Ok buddy. Now turn on your tv and go watch the game. You know, the hate goes old sometimes. Just let it go and watch top3 player all time playing the best bball in his life. You are missing history, thats what you are doing, and 3-4 more haters on this forum. And thats sad. If you couldnt watch Wilt and Russell, heck even Jordan and Bird, than take the opportunity to watch Lebron and stop hating already.
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